Satori Facts

 Satori Elementary School’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment where children learn fundamentals within the context of an integrated, real-world curriculum. Our goal is to provide a broad base of exposure and knowledge for the children and give them a sense of how the disciplines come together while instilling a love of learning.

 Satori does not discriminate because of race, religion, or gender. Partial scholarships are available on a year-to-year basis.

 All students learn problem solving, communication skills, personal responsibility and are empowered in their classroom through daily experiences with Positive Discipline.

 Our curriculum incorporates the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. We use approved textbooks, supplemented with current science and social studies periodicals. We believe in hands-on learning.

 Satori provides both whole language and alphabet phonics instruction. Spelling and grammar are taught using the Neuhaus curriculum, complimentary to alphabet phonics.

 Satori follows a thematic, integrated curriculum, with the entire school body participating in several intensive units during the year. Multi-age experiences create a supportive learning environment for all students.

 Two hours of instruction per week are devoted to both physical education and art (history and instruction).

 One hour of instruction per week is devoted to both Spanish and music.

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills is administered every spring.

 Satori Elementary School does not require uniforms, but we do observe a reasonable dress code.

 While we celebrate the individuality of each child, we expect appropriate behavior from them all. Every student has the right to learn and succeed; another student may not interfere with that right.