PTO and Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the school, please speak with your child’s teacher or contact the school for further information.

Satori Parents:

Parents and families form an active PTO that works closely with the Board of Trustees. Parental involvement is the cornerstone of a child’s education. Children must see that their parents are interested and that they place importance on learning and community service. We require parental involvement in the school, ranging from volunteering in school activities to fundraising efforts.

Please click here to see the Satori PTO Goals: PTO GOALS

The PTO will devote its efforts to supporting the Satori School Mission by:

Building and supporting a strong school community that encourages mutual respect and cultural understanding among students, families and staff.

  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Annual Spring BBQ and Auction
  • Observe staff birthdays and Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Charity of Choice

Working together with staff to provide opportunities for children to learn by doing and interacting with their environment:

  • Providing Friday lunch/recess coverage for teachers
  • Assisting with classroom festivities
  • Providing breakfast for Books & Breakfast program
  • Assisting with classroom communication via room parents

Collaborating with staff to provide extended learning opportunities, especially ones that allow children to express their knowledge and talents through visual art and music.

  • Chess Club
  • Choral Group/Drama Club
  • Field Trip transportation
  • Playground/Landscape assistance